Birthday Week

So this week has been purely contacting referrals and tracting. So far…. no luck. I discovered that the Lord has a sense of humor. On Saturday, Sister Noyce baked and decorated a cake for me! We went to the church to meet with the two other sisters in our area, Sister Fuatia, and Sister Laming, to celebrate. There we found a woman trying to get into the church for the services. We explained that they were held on Sundays and we told her the time. She was so excited, she gave us her number and name and told us that she wanted the lessons. I thought that the Lord gave me an investigator for my birthday! Psych! Sunday came and she never showed up to church nor replied to our calls. We saw her today at the library and she informed us that she went to another church yesterday and liked it more. *Sigh* But she still has our information if she ever is interested again. Last Sunday we had a potential investigator just like that as well. We set up an appointment with her and then she canceled saying that she wanted to try church again. Then she never showed up. But have no fear, I still have a good feeling about her. I just think she needs some time to think about it all.

I know that there are people out there that are waiting for us, so we shall keep searching for them. Meanwhile we do have some people that are interested, but there is a nasty bug going around and everyone is catching it. So they keep having to cancel on us. This Friday is the trunk or treat for all three wards in Tehachapi, I am excited because many families have been inviting non member friends. I hoping these friends are humble and are ready to be invited to experience the amazing-ness of the gospel!
Even though the week hasn’t been so successful, I still feel really happy. I have a great companion, great sisters in the area, and amazing members who would do just about anything for us. I am so grateful for these people who have such kind hearts!
-Sister Bigler

Quick reply about my email regarding the mudslides-

Everyone is safe! All the missionaries are safe and most of the ward! One sister in the ward was driving and was completely pushing off the road by the mud and rolled her car. But She is still alive and is in the hospital, she will hopefully make a fast recovery.

Some cars are buried in the mud, but the people are alright and that’s what really matters. 10552480_10153668625804935_2512187181546498327_n 12074809_10153668625619935_5445910448438468920_n 12079493_10153668625779935_5097472355619705197_n
(Note from me- These are photos from the Missionary Momma’s facebook page, I don’t know who to give credit to, but I include them so you can see what I was worried about.)

First Email from the Field!