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People here can’t drive in snow

So this week was rather eventful.
On Tuesday we did some tracting and got our first NEW INVESTIGATOR!! We taught the restoration right at the doorstep and invited her to be baptized and she accepted! WOOT! WOOT! PRAYERS ARE ANSWERED! THE CHURCH IS TRUE!
On Wednesday we did some contacting for former investigators and tracting. No results there 😦
On Thursday we did service. One of our investigators is taking a huge test to become a teacher and she is trumped at the art history section….. And I told her, have no fear! Art history geek is here! So she is a lot more confident now for that 🙂 I also gave her some study tips and helped her look at pieces for composition exercises. It was awesome! I love art history! After that we went over to the Lang’s house for service and then dinner, we helped Brother Lang with cleaning up his garden for the winter. They said that we did more than the elders have ever done in the past. Hehehe, sisters are awesome. After dinner we had splits, not much success. We went to every house that was highlighted because no one knew them. And not a single person was home in any of the eight houses we went to! In the end it was pretty funny.
On Friday we had District meeting, set some new goals and are totally excited to blow them out of the water!
On Saturday I woke up with headache, took some painkillers and then felt very dizzy and lightheaded all day. Sister Noyce even said that I looked really sick. So we canceled our appointment with the ward mission leader that night and turned in early. I just went right to sleep and curled up in all my blankets and slept until morning.
Yesterday I woke up and felt like a million bucks! It was awesome at church, we had a “Linger Longer” which is a dinner that the last ward puts together in the cultural hall. After last hour we all head in there and have a feast! We had ham, which made me miss my Grandpa’s BBQ sauce that would have gone so perfectly with that ham, :/ After that we went over to the other sister’s place to get some more pamphlets. We were in the other room when we heard screaming, Sister Laming had fallen on her elbow and was in intense pain. We took her to the ER, after four hours we were told that they couldn’t tell if anything was broken, but she will have a follow up appointment in a few days. Sister Laming however said that it hurts way worse than when she had broken a bone before. And then she’s been getting sick from all the pain 😦 keep Sister Laming in your prayers, she needs the support!
On a lighter note we had a huge snow storm, so there is snow in the valley! Yay for me! But no knows how to drive in it. So there have been several accidents since last night. And I’m pretty sure school got canceled for the local kids. So snow day for them!
Anyway, I love the snow and hate the cold!

Sister Makhenna Bigler


Week 3

So this week we didn’t get a lot done because we were so busy!
Monday was Pday and it was super fun because we played volleyball and I sucked! We played volleyballl again on Friday and I still suck. But I didn’t get worse.
Tuesday and Wednesday were exchanges with the sister training leaders. It was fun and they had a lot of appointments lined up so I helped teach quite a few lessons.
Thursday was planning day, and a lot of appointments canceled. There is a serious bug going around. Wash your hands, people!
Friday was the trunk or treat and I got to see a lot of little girls for whom I have drawn many Anna and Elsa characters for when going over to their house for dinner. I lost track of how many I drew, On the bright side I have lot’s of friends now 😉 One of our investigators showed up and handed out candy. She brought her two daughters. After we played volleyball and they all had so much fun and we plan to do it again in the future!
On Saturday was Halloween! We had lot’s of appointments with less actives so we were busy all day until we went in early at 7. We bought pumpkins and carving tools! I have pictures that I will send to my mom who can share them! I carved a bat 🙂
On Sunday was fast Sunday. And since we cover two wards we are always at church all day. Anyway it made fasting way easy because I didn’t have to think about food and only think about the gospel 🙂
And that’s my week! Love ya’ll!

Sister Makhenna Bigler