A week of Miracles 4/18/16

First off I would like to share a scripture.

3 Nephi 12:13

 13 Verily, verily, I say unto you, I give unto you to be the salt of the earth; but if the salt shall lose its savor where with shall the earth be salted? The salt shall be thence forth good for nothing, but to be cast out and to be trodden under foot of men.
I read this scripture during my personal study and thought nothing of it, but then I picked of “Jesus the Christ” and right where I was reading it talked about that exact verse! So salt was used back then to preserve meats and other things. And to add flavor. When Christ the people that were recorded in the Book of Mormon that they shall the be the salt of the earth, he was saying that they are to preserve the gospel,¬†Christ’s¬†original teachings! With the Priesthood! And as members of His restored church we are also the salt and we have his original gospel teachings in their perfect form! We have the Book of Mormon which is tangible evidence that the gospel was preserved and was also restored! So exciting!¬†
Also another fun fact about salt is that is a¬†necessity¬†to survive. We need salt in our bodies and the gospel¬†is the salt. We need it in order to get through this life. Just food for thought¬†ūüėĀ
Anyway the whole week was pretty great! We decided to change our mindset. Instead of thinking “Ugh, we have to go and find people to teach.” Sister Harmon and I both decided to think more positively and think, “Let’s go find who the Lord has prepared for us today!” And the results were very¬†satisfying. As in 5 new investigators! And they say this was a dead area, ha! I laugh at that statement! But my victory was short lived as 4 of them dropped us yesterday. While, you win some you lose some. But other than that the week was great! Everyone we talked to was very nice!¬†
It was a very fun week, and I shall go now! Buh-bye!



Week 1: Sick 4/11/16

This week was a little slow to say the least. 

We had P-Day on Monday, but then on Tuesday we had to go to Urgent Care for Sister Harmon because she had a bacterial infection. Then on Wednesday I had a headache that wouldn’t go away, that soon started turning into a headache and fatigue, to headache, fatigue, achy body, and chills. Then it turned into a fever of 102F. We had to turn in early after dinner because I couldn’t take it anymore! Anyway, I was miserable. Then Thursday morning I still had a bit of a fever so we went to Urgent Care… again! But it’s all good, they gave me drugs. I am still feeling a little yucky, but still way better than Wednesday night, in fact I feel like a million bucks compared to that sickly night that I couldn’t sleep. Yuck.
Anyway on the bright side I learned how to make and can strawberry jam. And the strawberries were freshly picked that morning. Can you seriously get better than that? No, no you cannot.
On Sunday little Alyssa Barker was confirmed and she shared her beautiful little testimony in fast and testimony meeting! It was so cute!! 

Anyway that pretty much sums it all up folks!!

WOOOTTT 4/4/16

Sister Harmon and I are both staying in the Stockdale ward in West Bakes. Well this week was good, we got a lot accomplished! We taught and found and felt the spirit. We were prompted and succeeded. It’s been a good week. We had a baptism half an hour after the afternoon session of conference and it was amazing. Little Alyssa was so sweet and her dad and brother came to support her in making this amazing decision. It was so nice. It seemed that everyone who was giving a short talk at her baptism had to rewrite their talks after Elder Bednar’s talk on baptism and the holy ghost. Seriously was so amazing!

We had a really funny district meeting last Friday and so we took some pretty funny pictures! Elder Cowley, the district leader, stole my camera and took some wacky pictures that I am now sharing to everyone¬†ūüėą¬†hehehe makhenna-4416m-3-4416m-2-4416


New Week 3/21/16

This week has been, to say the least… challenging. I have been struggling to spread the word. But we did get a promising investigator who makes the lessons very entertaining. He is always joking, but he does have a desire to learn and to better his life. You know, the most amazing people I have met have been those ones with a messed up past that most people would never even let their kids talk to them. So never judge anyone until you know them, people.¬†

Sorry, no pictures this week!

2nd Baptism 3/7/16

So this week was crazy busy! With appointments! Guess who had 12 teaching appointments?! THESE SISTERS!

Guess who had a baptism?! THESE SISTERS!!
This week was, to put it simply: AMAZING!
Everyday we get out of the apartment and we were running to our next appointment. We were constantly teaching and preparing our investigators for baptism.
What’s really exciting is that one of our investigators was trying to quit smoking and drinking coffee. He had been smoking since the 8th grade. He is in his 40’s if that gives you an idea of how long he has been smoking. He got a blessing last Monday and since then he hasn’t has a sing cigarette or cup of coffee. When he thinks about it he says that cigarettes are so gross. The church is true, people, the church is true. Anyway he has is planning on being baptized on the 19th of March. Which is my brother, Jaden’s birthday. Happy birthday, bro.
On Saturday, Aliya Chavez was baptized and it was a PARTAY! The ENTIRE ward showed up to support her and so did so many of her nonmember friends also came to support her. On Sunday she was confirmed and then she bore her testimony in fast and testimony meeting! The spirit was so strong there, It made me think, this must be what real happiness is. When someone decides to make that step to change for the better, it’s just amazing.
And a scripture changed my life this week. Proverbs 3:5
Trust in the Lord with all thine heart and lean not unto thine own understanding.
I’ve always had trouble talking to everyone about the gospel, the adversary has always kept my mouth sewn shut. But after reading this I realized that Lord knows what’s best and knows what I am capable of. So in my life changing experience I just simply said out loud, “Alright, Lord, I am at your command. Put your words in my mouth and I shall share them.”
And since then I have just been opening my mouth and stuff comes out that makes sense. In fact I can’t even tell you what I’ve said to people before. I forget right after I say it. The spirit truly works through missionaries!
Love ya’ll!