:) 9/5/16

Hello world! Greetings from Lancaster, California! Where it is cooling down rather fast. Seriously, you blink and then it’s fall. What gives?

Anyway this week was pretty good. My companion got a bug of some sort and so she was man down for two days straight. I became so bored that I called the sister training leaders and they came down for about an hour and half so we could go on splits and I can go out and feel like I accomplished something in the day! As we were about to leave I was telling the sister that was staying with Sister Faamoe everything in the apartment and that I had made food for my comp if she wanted to eat and there was food for the other sister as well. Then she told me I sounded like a mom leaving my child with the babysitter! Good to know I have mom instincts! 🙂
So Sister Dellos and I went out and the first person we talked to we made a new investigator! Wahoo! So that was pretty nice, after that I didn’t have a problem sitting in the apartment the rest of the day because I felt like I accomplished what I was meant to do that day. Meanwhile the sketchbook and I have gotten well acquainted 😉 Along with all these Ensign magazines that I found in one of our cupboards, we have them going back to 2005. So I have had plenty of bedtime reading material!
Anyway, love you all!
Spiritual Thought-

While I just finished Jeremiah in the bible and currently the Babylonian captivity is happening after he warned everyone. But it’s amazing because even thought the people disobeyed the Lord and got themselves captured, the Lord is still blessing them. Jeremiah prophesies of the tribes of Israel being gathered once more and a new Jerusalem being built. And that the word of the Lord will be on the Earth in its fullness. It’s amazing to know that all of this is happening right now! That the Lord will come again and the tribes will be brought back together after being scattered for so long. I feel so honored to live in the is day and see prophecies fulfilled with my very own eyes. It just adds to my testimony of the truth fullness of the gospel and that it is in its full complete form back on the earth.

M 9-5-16 2M 9-5-16 1

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