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Talofa 8/15/16

Transfers! 8/8/16

:) 8/1/16


This week was pretty good, and prettyπŸ”₯HOT!πŸ”₯
We found a new investigator and he seems really interested! And we had some good lessons with our new investigators that we got from the elder’s area, we have been having a blast exploring and working in our new expanded area! There is so much potential there!
We had a lesson with Christian on Tuesday. Christian is Claudia’s son. Claudia just got baptized by the elders before they were transferred out of the area. Christian came to her baptism and was very intrigued, then the next day he came with her to church. He said that he had really enjoyed it and wanted to learn more! Claudia is so excited for her son to experience how she feels! The Stewart’s and Claudia (All just got baptized except Sister Stewart who was a less active member until now) got their temporary temple recommends and super excited to head down to LA and do baptisms for the dead! But they decided to wait until Christian gets baptized so that he can go with them and as Claudia says, “Feel the beauty of the temple inside and out!” Wow super excited for this family! And the Sister Stewart’s twins are going to Girls Camp this week! They are super excited, and it will be great for them to make more friends inside the church! WOOT WOOT!

And then we had another two lessons with Mark, another investigator we got from the elders πŸ˜‰ Mark is an elderly man who is separated from his wife by several cities and lives alone in a mobile home park. We taught the law of chastity to him and it took about 2 minutes, because.. well… yeah. Anyway, as soon as we introduced the lesson he told us,” Sisters, chastity is not a wish, it’s a vocation.” Man, this guy and his one liners! Just thought you all would love a good laugh!
Anyway it’s been a great week of a lot of laughing and suffering in the heat, haha!
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Woot 7/25/16

This week has been a lot better than last week! The elders in the ward were emergency transferred out to other areas to fill in the gaps of some missionaries going home two weeks earlier for school. So we got their investigators that are very promising and all can’t wait for baptism! I also love the members that lived in their part of the ward, so now we can see them more often as we stop by for water!

Throughout the week we’ve done a lot of contacting, of course! It’s been a good week of talking to others and really feeling the spirit. In my studies I have been working through the missionary reference library and have just finished “Jesus the Christ” and “Our Heritage”. And oh my, everyone should read “Jesus the Christ”, I now understand more fully of his entire ministry and why he did and said the things he said. I have truly grown closer to Christ as I’ve read that book. It’s amazing! And “Our Heritage” has also helped me understand the history of the church and the order of events that happened, so if anyone is curious on that read “Our Heritage,” its a very short easy read book and really will help bring you closer to the church’s history.
We already had some lessons with the new investigators and they love learning! I love seeing people learning the gospel and craving more! One of our investigators told us that he loves this church because we have all the answers that no one else has and that we encourage others to read the scriptures and find answers for themselves. He is cruising through the Book of Mormon and loves feeling the spirit as he reads it.
On Friday we got to celebrate the elders’ recent convert’s birthdays! They are identical twins that have just turned 12, we got them a little Bean Boozle game and played it, wow! So gross and so much fun! Word to the wise: try and get the toothpaste/blue raspberry! You can’t got wrong, it’s either minty or fruity! Which totally beats taking a risk and trying strawberry banana smoothie/ dead fish!!Β  I recommend playing Bean Boozle at least once!
Also on Friday a forest fire started. It has been burning over the weekend and is still at only 10% containment. But, all the missionaries are safe and sound and the fire is not going towards the city! We just have a lot of smoke and ash to deal with, but we are alright! Pray for those that have lost their homes though and are in harms way, they need them!
Anyway, it’s been a great week! Have a good one, everyone!!
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A Week of Fireworks! 7/11/16

This week was fun. On the Fourth we partied so hard! Haha, just kidding. We had a BBQ with the district and played card games and Banana Grams! It was so much fun! We all pitched in with food and had a wonderful lunch together and enjoyed the Fourth. We had to turn in early that night because that’s what missionaries do on the Fourth, so from our apartment we watched fireworks and enjoyed some nice over the stove top s’mores πŸ™‚ Not a bad Fourth of July night. I thought it went pretty well and it was my only one on the mission!

The rest of the week consists of a lot of contacting and talking to people. There of course were some pretty interesting people we have met! We had some great lessons with Julie, our investigator, and committed her to no coffee! Which we weren’t sure how to do that, because she loves her coffee, but the Lord works in mysterious ways and somehow she said that she would stop drinking it, because she knows that’s what the Lord wants.
On Thursday we had a meet and greet with our new mission president, President Layton! They told us about their adventurous life before coming here and are complete polar opposites of President and Sister Wilson. I’m sure that they will be great for the mission!
From Friday to Saturday we exchanges in Palmdale, where they have a Cafe Rio and Five Guys!!! We had Cafe Rio for lunch on Friday and Five Guys for Lunch on Saturday, it was so good to get that taste of home! Oh, and exchanges were good, too!
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Lancaster 6/27/16

This week has been pretty good. I am now in East Lancaster serving in the Tierra Bonita ward. It’s a great ward with few active members, but those that are active are amazing and love to help. We also share the ward with elders, so it’s different for me because we have to know where our boundaries within the ward are. And then if we have dinner with members in their area we can’t ask for referrals or go knock doors, although the elders would greatly appreciate that, I’m sure!

It’s hot like Bakersfield over here, but there is a nice wind that is greatly appreciated every day. It makes the 109 temperature feel like 105, and trust me when I say there is a difference and I can feel it!
My new companion is pretty fun, we’ve had some great times so far! She is from Tennessee, so it’s cool to get a perspective from a missionary that’s not from Utah for once! (Not that there is anything wrong with that, my fellow Utahn’sΒ πŸ˜‰)
This week has kinda dragged with finding, but we have met a lot of very nice people and just keep declaring the gospel. We do have an awesome investigator that was found through tracting, her name is Julie and she is the sweetest thing since peach cobbler. She came to church yesterday and is super excited for her baptism in July, she loves learning about the gospel and feasting upon the words of Christ. It always is so amazing to see someone feeling what I have felt as they investigate the church and know that it is true. That’s why I’m out here, to share that happiness that I have found.
Anyway this week was pretty good. Funny moment: we are sitting in car looking at our planners when a meat truck pulls up beside us and indicates to role down our windows. After Sister Pesci rolls her window down the driver immediately says, “When I’m not selling meat I drive a Porsche and a Mercedes.” And he shows us the keys to both. “Anyway, do you want any meat? I’m selling steak for $500-” “Yeah, we don’t have any…” “Ok, I’ll try the neighbors!” And he drives off. Good luck selling your meat in Lancaster! Haha!
Another fun fact! I met a couple whose name is LaForce. Apparently last Sunday, Brother LaForce gave a talk in Sacrament meeting and talked about men that helped him taught him about the priesthood. He had said that one of the greatest ones was Sid Bigler and any service project that had to be done, there was Sis Bigler working harder than any of the young men. They asked me if I was related and of course I proudly told them that Sid Bigler is my great- grandfather and he is a very hard working and amazing man. So it was really cool to know that someone else knows my family, and they are big fans of the Barbecue Pit!
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Lancaster 0.0 6/20/16

What?! I’m getting transferred across the mission and Sister Harmon is training?! Yes, my friends, the rumors are true. The greatest companionship is alas coming to an end. But save your tears, my dear readers, for we all knew that this would happen one day. For we know that even the most precious things in life do not last. Except the gospel, that lasts forever πŸ™‚
Tuesday we went to the temple! We went with Sister Porter and Sister Allred from the ward and had an amazing time! It was so beautiful in LA, and then we had lunch at a seafood restaurant called Albright, it was delicious! I got fish and chips and the fish was amazing and fresh caught that morning πŸ™‚ That day was just amazing!
Wednesday we had service at a less actives house and it was cool. They found a super amazing dollhouse kit that had ten rooms and cool little stairs in it. It reminded me of my dream to one day make a Victorian dollhouse… One day….. And then we had a lesson with our recent convert, Alyssa and watched Meet the Mormons with her. It was so much fun! Then we had dinner with an awesome family in the ward who took us out to eat, because it was Sister Harmon’s birthday!! Happy 23th, you awesome sister!
Thursday we got the calls about transfers, so we started our good byes early and went to see a few investigators. It was so hard, I didn’t realize how attached I would get to everyone. I will definitely come back to visit the Stockdale ward, they are so amazing.
Friday was more good byes 😦
Saturday was service and good byes with Norma, I am sad to see her go 😦
And Sunday, even more good byes, it broke my heart saying good bye to Jessica and Veronica. I won’t be here for Veronica’s baptism next week, but I will be in spirit. They are so amazing! Shout out to the old man: HAPPY FATHER’S DAY!!!
Anyway, the week was full of tears, but that is all part of the mission. There is work for me to do in Lancaster and people that are waiting for me to find them and share the message of the gospel.
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Most Bestest Week in the Entire Mission 6/13/16

Me attempting the Stilts!M 6-13-16 2
Elders and Sister Harmon jump roping!M 6-13-16 3
Aliya, why did you close your eyes? πŸ˜‰M 6-13-16 4
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